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Community dating dating  in online se single

Moreover, when asked to describe the dating possibilities where they live, a plurality, 47%, said there were very few single people in their town they would be interested in dating.

As shown in the table, 57% of city dwellers who are looking for dates say there is plenty of dating potential in their communities compared with 38% of date-seeking suburbanites and only 21% of date seekers residing in rural settings.When singles who are actively looking for partners were asked about the dating scene where they live, a majority of those actively seeking dates (55%) said it was difficult to meet people.Only 43% said it was easy, while 2% said they didn’t know.While the survey provides no direct evidence that the internet can take credit for the higher rates of wedlock among its users, it does show that internet date-seeking has become increasingly popular.Sind Sie solo und wollen im Netz einen Flirt oder ihren Traumpartner finden?

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Only 16% of single Americans say they are hunting for a partner.

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