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Omarosa dating again

Kelly allegedly told her that Trump had already signed off, and that this was not like “going to the principal’s office.” Ryan says she was told that Manigault-Newman lobbed a few curses — and tried to take credit for delivering the black vote to President Trump.Okay the White House still contends Omarosa signed a resignation letter.John Kelly, Trump’s chief of staff, fired Manigault-Newman on Tuesday night.Manigault-Newman did not take the news well, according to Ryan, and insisted on speaking with the president.” The RNC seemed skeptical of Manigault-Newman and the Trump campaign’s efforts, hiring three strategists to amp up outreach in August 2016.According to NBC News, the RNC had seen the Trump campaign’s outreach to be both informal and “plagued by canceled events.” Manigault-Newman had high ambitions for her role, telling the Times in October 2016 that “Romney and Mc Cain got around 6 to 7 percent of the African-American vote.The Times reports that she was not well-liked among others in Trump’s inner circle, including Kelly and Jared Kushner.

The president did appear to defer to her on African-American issues, according to a Buzz Feed report from March, though some black GOPers felt she had frozen them out of the administration.

After Kelly fired her, Manigault-Neman reportedly tried to confront Trump at his residence, but the Daily Beast reported that staff stopped her from reaching the president.

“It was actually the closest thing to reality TV [I’d experienced] since getting here,” a White House official told the outlet.

She told Strahan she resigned, and denied that she was fired, that she had tried to enter the residence, and that had been escorted off White House grounds.

She instead recalled her “candid” conversation with John Kelly in the situation room.

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Our goal is to get 15 to 20 percent of the African-American vote, and we still think that number is possible.” It wasn’t.