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It was moved on a low-loader to the workshop in April 2007, for work to begin.Relations with the restoration company had their highs and lows, and came to an end early in 2011 prior to the completion of the project, as the instalment for Mar/April 2011 now documents. The car went on to a new life in the USA, where it was stripped completely, refurbished, repainted, and put back on the track, to a specification similar to that it had when new in the mid-1930s.

Those with inflammation at a younger age in midlife appeared to suffer more brain shrinkage, according to the study in the journal Neurology.This is extreme inflammation – an overreaction of the immune system often triggered in middle age by weight gain, high blood pressure or diabetes.When more than 1,600 people were given blood tests for five signs of inflammation, those with three or more later showed clear signs of Alzheimer's disease.In 2007 I decided to enlist the services of a restoration firm in Cheshire, the idea being to get the restoration moving along at a quicker pace than hitherto had been the case.I didn't really have the room at home to pull the old truck apart, and didn't have sufficient free time either, so a plan was hatched to get a local company on board, to do a sympathetic restoration of the old girl.

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(Harley Jones, age 9, October 2017) This area of the website tells the Dodge's earlier history, that of the team and the driver who owned it, the various racing cars it once carried, and describes the rebuild as it took place, some 52 years since it last drove on the road.

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