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But Windows Media Center could not find any way to communicate to the IR blaster. I'm worried this will cause issues with Play Ready again. I reinstalled the drivers for WINTV 1850 tuner card and found an IR blaster program on the Hauppauge site. Because after updating the tuner card drivers, and without the IR blaster, a TV signal should be detected by Windows Media Center . So I manually asked Windows Media Center to manually update channels. I have been trying to configure Windows Media Center on my HP z440 workstation running Windows 7 pro. What I have done to try to solve the problem: - I searched Experts Exchange using the keyword Play Ready, no posts were relevant. During the process where Windows Media Center has me press buttons to determine my set top box, it asks me to enter a channel I know exists . A blurry image in a small square screen appears for about 30 seconds then the words “Update Play Ready” appear.Anti-virus and firewall software can prevent the process from working correctly, so you might need to shut these programs down temporarily.The “Helix DRM components did not install” error may occur when you try to install the DRM components.The Windows Media Center said it could not see the ir blaster. The only channel it reported was channel 3 which is the default channel for the set top box. The Windows Media Center said it could not detect a channel.

WMC often throws up an error that Play Ready needs updating when what it means is configuring the already installed components (so you can have all the latest files but WMC needs to "reset" itself with those before it's good to go.There are Windows Media Center video files on the z440 recorded when the Happauge 1850 tuner card was in the Dell.When I try to play those files, Windows Media Center says they cannot be played because they were recorded on some different pc. There are two separate issues here: (1) Play Ready Updating (2) Play back of DRM recorded programs captured on a different setup You're not going to fix (2) without returning the files to the machine they were recorded on with the same WMC setup - they are DRM registered to the hardware/install combination; move them and WMC thinks you're involved in some kind of piracy & blocks playback.When you download or buy a song from Rhapsody, you must authorize the computer or MP3 player to use the content.A common error message in Rhapsody is “Your computer needs DRM components to authorize this computer.” If you get this error message, click **Restart** to install the relevant components.

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I moved the Hauppauge WINTV 1850 tuner card to this pc. I guess they assume people have 3 to 4 pc's in their home. I don't have any more pc's I can put the tuner card in .

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